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>> Fill out a SWOT analysis of the #EndExploitation movement.

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Effective planning — whether it be marketing planning, operational planning, strategic planning, etc. — begins with a solid understanding of your current state so that you can take an informed approach forward.

The purpose of a SWOT analysis is to gain a clear understanding of where you currently stand, so that you can create a realistic and actionable plan to move forward.

Answers to the survey will be shared with attendees and used to help inform strategic plans and policies moving forward.


>> Share resources you've created by uploading them here!

If you have created or know of a public document that would aid others in the movement, please share! Things like vetted and compiled statistics, organized research summaries, best practices, protocols, research articles, flyers, etc. 

All will be compiled and then shared with attendees at a later date.

Upload them here.

>> Help make viral social media videos.

Add your voice! Help create social media videos educating the world on these issues by responding with video or audio to these prompts! 

>> Provide translation services for the movement.

We are compiling a list of folks available to help translate flyers, statistics, PPTs, etc. from English into other languages. Let us know if you have this skill! Of course, you should charge for these services. We will share this list with other leaders looking for translation assistance.

Drop your name in this form.