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Invite others who want a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation to the largest-ever global gathering on these topics! 

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I want a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation. Do you? Join the FREE ONLINE Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit this year by registering here http://endexploitationsummit.com/ #CESESummit #EndExploitation

You can’t miss out this year. The critical gathering of leaders opposed to sexual exploitation at the #CESESummit is ONLINE and FREE this July. Register right now at http://endexploitationsummit.com/

Want to ensure no child has to grow up under the shadow of sexual abuse and exploitation? Join thousands of others at the FREE Online #CESESummit this July 18-28! Register at EndExploitationSummit.com

It is easy to feel like we’re up against too much opposition and darkness in the fight to #EndExploitation. But you’re not alone! The FREE ONLINE #CESESummit is bringing together thousands who want a world free from abuse and exploitation. Find support, join in strategy, learn from experts, network!

Our youth are facing nothing like ever before--sexually explicit video games, pressure to sext, online grooming, and more. At the free online #CESESummit, we’re bringing these issues into the light & talking about how to face them head on. Register at endexploitationsummit.com

Wondering how to fight sex trafficking from within the walls of your own home? The free online #CESESummit will teach you how. It’s time to #EndExploitation! Join us: endexploitationsummit.com

When we say we must #EndExploitation, we are saying we must end pornography exposure, online grooming, and other abuses our children are facing. Join us at the #CESESummit in July to learn how to protect our children.

For the first time ever, the #CESESummit is going virtual (and it’s free)! Register at endexploitationsummit.com!

Feeling alone in the fight to #EndExploitation? That’s what the #CESESummit is here to fix. Thousands of abolitionists are joining together to share hope and inspiration. Register at endexploitationsummit.com

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Dear Abolitionists,

The 2020 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit is online this year! We are very excited about the opportunities this provides, including the participation of abolitionists from all corners of the world, creating increased unity for the movement, and decreased costs for attendees. 

So, I wanted to be certain to invite you all to join us and thousands of others this July 18-28 for more than 140 talks, strategy and training sessions and networking events. There will be talks from speakers representing 30+ countries and general admission is FREE. Already, we have nearly 10,000 attendees registered from 103 countries. You can register here.

As more children fall prey to predators online, efforts to decriminalize sex buying, pimping/trafficking sweep legislatures around the world, and mainstream pornography websites actively continue to host sexual abuse videos, it is imperative that our movement be on the OFFENSIVE! This event will equip leaders and aspiring advocates all around the world with the knowledge, resources, and partnerships needed to move towards freedom from sexual abuse and exploitation.

I hope you will join us!